Fan Ho (何藩)

This post is not about me, but is another person work that I often go back to. His work has inspired many people, and it continue to inspire me. Everytime I go back to his books, I found new things to pick up. I want to share this inspiration, and I hope it inspire you too.

I will let his photographs do the talk, and I will share some resources at the end of the post. I have no affiliation to any resources, I just wish to share about the photographer who inspire me. There are more resources out there, and I highly recommend you to find out more. In my opinion, his work is timeless, moving, and at times daunting.

Fan Ho (何藩). More information: Fan Ho, Modernbook. Images credited to: PetaPixel, South China Morning Post

living theater14
© Fan Ho

living theater05
© Fan Ho

© Fan Ho

© Fan Ho

© Fan Ho

Private, 1960
© Fan Ho

© Fan Ho

living theater07
© Fan Ho

hong kong yesterday07
© Fan Ho

hong kong yesterday08
© Fan Ho

hong kong yesterday09
© Fan Ho

hong kong memoir01
© Fan Ho

Fan Ho (何藩)

If you collect photography book, you might want to look at his new publication: A Hong Kong Memoir. I look forward to add this to my small library.

1. Burgett, G. (2014, August 25). Fan Ho’s Fantastic Black-and-White Street Photographs of 1950s Hong Kong. PetaPixel. Retrieved from

2. Nip, A. (2014, August 11). Street life: Hong Kong in the 1950s as seen through a teenage photographer’s lens. South China Morning Post. Retrieved from

3. demilked. (2014, August 27). 1950s Hong Kong Street Life Captured By Fan Ho. Retrieved from

Fan Ho’s Publications
1. Hong Kong Yesterday
2. The Living Theatre
3. A Hong Kong Memoir

Other resources:
1. Fan Ho interview by Leica Liker
2. Evening with Fan Ho
3. Fan Ho – Inspiration from Masters of Photography
4. 1950’s Hong Kong inspires new photography series by Fan Ho
5. Fan Ho, Part II: Street scenes in dreamy colour 1954-2004
6. 1950s Hong Kong captured in street photography by Fan Ho
7. Fan Ho: finding love and light in 1950s Hong Kong – in pictures

Fan Ho (何藩)

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